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we design, plan, structure and provide close client guidance in the complete execution cycle of acquisitions of special assets

The acquisition and disposition of singular assets for personal or corporate use demands highly specialized counsel to provide the right combination of vision and flexibility suited to the specific client circumstances.

The different ways of acquiring and disposing of special assets such as planes, boats, collector cars, works of art or unique real estate, require adaptation to the needs of each personal case, to the appropriate transaction and investment vehicles as well as to the applicable legislations and adequate financial and operational instruments during the life of the asset. All of these aspects demand close evaluation to support a sound decision.

Our specialized focus in several legal fields, deep knowledge of specific markets and proven capacity to adapt international transaction models and vehicles to the Spanish market enable our firm to participate in the success of complex real estate contracts which very often demand expert skills in areas such as civil, urban planning, commercial and tax law.

At DLV&A we design, plan, structure and provide close client guidance in the complete execution cycle of acquisitions of special assets. To this end we have developed a selected and competent network specialized in high standing and luxury assets for personal and corporate use. Our work with these specialists guarantees to our clients full integration, seamless coordination, reliable support and confidentiality. Together we advise companies, entrepreneurs, business managers and investors in numerous transactions:

  • Purchase and Sale of Real Estate portfolios.
  • Design of Special Purpose Vehicles for acquisition and disposition of planes, boats, cars and works of art.
  • Acquisitions in the Tourism Industry sector.
  • Urban planning and development.
  • Purchase and Sale of all types of real estate –residential and commercial properties, office space, warehousing and industrial facilities, golf courses and marinas– as well as the Corporate Vehicles for the investment and management of the asset portfolio.
  • Taxation.
  • Drafting of Contracts and Agreements for temporary associations for the operation and maintenance of the asset including leasing and property sharing schemes.
  • Asset management.