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Information and Communication Technologies (I&CT)

During the last decades I&C technologies have deeply transformed businesses and, in general, all economic and social agents to the extent that these technologies and tools are today critical strategic and tactical components of any organization. Their role permeates all aspects of enterprise activity not only as operational, competitive and market access instruments, but as key management processes to acquire and protect knowledge from the mass of data and information derived from all types of sources.
In parallel there is a growing awareness of the risks related to these technologies with their proven difficulties in preventing leakages of private data, breaches of confidentiality and loss of information integrity. Networks, data, information, knowledge privacy and resilience are today primary strategic and operational concerns in the day to day management of any organization.
DLV&A counsels Corporations and Professionals in “Information Society” related matters from incorporation to litigation. Well aware of the lagging nature of international legislation in the areas of data processing, security and privacy, we strive to keep abreast of trends and developments in the following fields.

  • Data Privacy & Security
  • Breach of integrity prevention, response and litigation
  • Compliance.
  • Data transfer.
  • Ad hoc contracts in the areas of information security, privacy and confidentiality as instruments to protect sensitive information.
  • Relationship and representation with Regulators and Supervisory bodies.

An area as dynamic and rapidly evolving as Information Technologies requires the support of state of the art expertise at the forefront of matters such as business related cibersecurity. To this end at DLV&A we partner with selected professionals in interdisciplinary teams to address each client requirements in the IT arena.

Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights (IP)

These technologies are also altering the traditional forms of Intellectual and Industrial rights protection, their commercial and distribution channels and their marketing.
The new advertising and marketing networks through the Internet present significant challenges in the form of risks and opportunities.
To continue our longstanding policy of providing one single service interface to our clients, DLV&A provides legal counsel in the following Information and Communication related areas:

  • Patents, trademarks and corporate image symbols.
  • Licensing, franchising and advertising right concessions.
  • Sponsorships and Crowd Funding.
  • Unfair competition and rights infringement.
  • Technology transfer and other immaterial assets.
  • Product liability.