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During the last years and in accordance with an European trend, several regulations have been approved in commercial, tax, labor and even criminal legislation, that affect in a direct way companies administrators and managers. This reality becomes of great interest for managers who demand a specialized legal advice, being the off-counsel lawyers the appropiate experts to provide the client with independent criteria and avoiding the risk of a conflict of interest.

From the Executive Desk of DLV&A we advise individuals playing key roles in the corporate organizations. We identify their interests and carry out our work looking for the best solution, on a consensual basis with the employer.

The managers we advise are usually concerned about, among others:

  • Application of special tax rates on the salaries perceived as expatriates (exemption LIRPF in its article 7.p) and tax regimes about extra bonuses.
  • Tax system of directors and Board Members (taxable concepts, travel allowances, tax deductible expenditures, fees in kind).
  • Specific labor contracts for top managers, consultancy agreements and other contractual ways of profesional cooperation (draft and negotiation of specific clauses).
  • Non Disclosure Agreements, contractual and post-contractual non competition covenants and other agreements related to compliance policies.
  • Tax, civil, criminal and administrative liabilities for directors and managers.