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Reputational damages & right to honour

The instant distribution of information via traditional (printed press, radio and television) and modern media and especially the widespread use of modern social media, are a tremendous threat to the right to protection of individual, corporate and organizations reputations. This new paradigm has created a permanent and constant attack on the right of freedom of expression & information.

The damage done to the reputation, image and honour, usually has its origin in the erroneous diffusion of information. Sometimes, even Governmental organizations and agencies, are guilty of this, along with the usual candidates like private and official informational channels. Obviously, this has led to an increasing number of claims, against the State, based upon the doctrine established by the European Tribunal of Human Rights (ETHR) and the Declaration of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

DE LA VEGA & ASOCIADOS collaborates with a highly qualified partner, who uses the latest technological tools, for the investigation and analysis needed to obtain an accurate quantitative and qualitative valuation in monetary terms, that the impact of incorrect or inaccurate slanderous information, may cause to an individual or organization, originating from any news source.


These tools and their correct implementation allow us to:

  • Collect massive amounts of information (big data) through freely available sources, which can be easily checked, about the person/company, who is the target of the analysis, using various cutting-edge technologies. These allow us to obtain highly accurate results, using multiple search engines and different geographical locations. This methodology permits us to avoid content related restrictions, usually due to regulation and also to avoid mistakes due to incorrect sampling and references.
  • Automatic processing of metadata of the content obtained, as well as the corresponding translations and linguistic analyses, which will be used by our team of highly qualified experts.
  • Analysis and reporting based upon the generation of qualitative intelligence, which allows us, depending upon previously agreed upon objectives with our clients, to identify relevant events, associated terminology, detect the actual authors of and even the exact mechanisms of diffusion and “viralization” of this defamatory information.
  • Quantitative analysis of the impact in the media of the selected content, both from the point of view of the targeted audience, as well as the “publishers” of the damaging information.

Use as part of a judicial strategy and defense

In DLV&A we use this technical analysis to:

  • Demand an immediate end to, rectification or modification of the damaging information (libel, defamatory, breach of confidential or secret information)
  • Allow us to sue for the damage done to the image, honour or reputation of a person/entity, emanating from the incorrect use of legal or administrative cases or also from previous litigations.
  • Easily identify the correct perpetrators or interested parties, who disguise their true identities, through usage of these defamatory campaigns originating from social media.
  • Plan an effective strategy of defense in legal proceedings, which generate notoriety in the press or digital media.
  • Claim moral damages generated by legal proceedings initiated by Governmental entities, in which our clients are finally judged innocent, but which have caused an irreversible damage to the personal or business image and reputation, of our customers.

Technical support and intelligence analysis are provided by our partner


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