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ZEC Canarias

Canary Island Special Zone: A tax rate of 4% offers the most attractive economic environment for companies throughout EU.

The European Commission authorized in 2000 a special tax regime for the Canary Islands (ZEC), now extended until year 2026. Within the policy of promoting social and economic development for the region, the current tax regime offers what can be considered the most attractive tax environment for companies carrying out industrial, commercial or service activities...
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Door opened to claim for tax refund for non EU residents

The Spanish Supreme Court declares that legal residence cannot imply loosing local tax exemptions The Spanish Supreme Court has issued a Court Ruling in February 19, 2018 (nº 242/2018) that analyzes the discrimination in which the Spanish Gift and Inheritance Tax Law falls when excluding non UE donees and heirs that acquire assets of any kind...
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Mexico flag

Investing in Mexico: why to use a Spanish Holding Company

Mexico has become a target for European investors. Recently we focused on how Spain is a useful bridge to step into the wide Mexican market, not only because both countries share the same language and culture, but also because of some privileged institutional relationships between both countries. According to the World Bank, Mexico is at...
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